Hello all. This time I’m sharing an image taken by Bunny’s hand. Her idea, completely unsolicited by me. And what an amazing and representative shot it is. 

Bunny’s nipples play a very important role in our lovemaking. While this is true of most couples and sex partners, it is especially true in our case. Shortly after having the conversation about our lovemaking being too amazing not to capture via electronic media, we agreed that the symbiotic relationship we have with her nipples was a prime candidate.

I love getting lost with her nipples. She loves the way I get lost with her nipples, I love the way she loves the way I get lost with her nipples. As you can see, this is a very beautiful cycle. In this photo, Bunny is straddling me, my head and shoulders leaning against the headboard of the bed. She has said that making love in this position is when she feels the closest to me. I agree, it is something very special.

I mentioned in the opening paragraph that this image is very “representative.” Notice how her forehead and nose are resting against the top of my head. You see, our lovemaking is filled with moments like this. Tender, symbiotic, lovingly erotic. I want this blog to depict these moments, but not as a way to boast. Instead, I want to show that these moments are possible and happening with regular people. That you shouldn’t think “that’s just acting” when you see a love scene in a movie. Sure, the people on the screen are acting, but that can be you, if you open yourself to these moments when they happen. 

— The Lion

Annnnnnnd, ACTION!

Bunny and I finally recorded our lovemaking yesterday. Several times we’ve discussed capturing our intimate moments, either in still or motion. We have a playful banter about it, agree to do it, and yet when we get together we are just too into each other to bother. I always have cameras and tripod with me, (I’m the lead in this particular endeavor) but we just never get around to it. It’s a little comical, actually. The funniest was one night we lived it up in a swanky hotel.

We came in and I set up the tripod in a far corner right away. I told her since my camcorder has respectable optical zoom, we had the luxury of placing the camera far away, so its presence wasn’t distracting in any way. We carried out sandwiches and soup for dinner, and figured we’d eat and watch some TV or something before we got started.

I was making us tea in the little in-room brewing machine, when she took off her pants and climbed onto one of the beds. Bunny isn’t the shortest woman, but she isn’t all that tall either, not to mention the height of the Hilton bed. She had to get in the bed similar to how a toddler gets on the couch: hands out, then one knee up, and finally hoisting herself up onto it. Bunny has an ample ass. A very ample ass. Something about seeing her with that leg up for a second, before hopping up on the bed did things to me. You have to understand, I see the world as a flip-book, a rapidly moving series of still images. It’s very easy for me to take a “snapshot” of something in my mind, (and obsess over it) because all of life is snapshots to me. 

I sojourned my tea making and made my way over to her, sitting just as cute as she could be in a shirt & bra, panties and cute little socks. I instructed her to stand up and bend over the bed. Bunny is far from submissive, but in these times when she sees that look in my eye, she is a portrait of compliance. After some ass massaging, grinding myself against her, and then peeling off her panties, we were lost in each other. The camera never made it out of the bag; the tripod looking lonely in the corner. 

Back to the videos we made yesterday, I’ll give them a good look and confer with Bunny about sharing them here. I don’t think there are enough opportunities to keep us anonymous relative to posting video, but there might be the occasional gif segment. I’m hopeful. =^]


We watched 9½ Weeks again last night.

It always has the same effect on us.   And all I know is I woke up this morning with Lily lying next to me, and she was wearing my boxer briefs.  —S

Bunny and I watched 9 1/2 weeks shortly before making love for the first time. I don’t see many references to it here on tumblr, so I certainly wasn’t going to let an opportunity to reblog it pass. 

Also, nice to meet the two of you, and welcome. =^]

(Source: robertdarling)

This image is from our last session of lovemaking. There are several images from this lovely day, but I chose to post this one first because this is the first position Bunny and I made love in. Seems cold and impersonal for a first time, huh? Well, there’s more. 

We agreed we weren’t going to have sex that day. As a matter of fact, my words were “I’m not going to fuck you.” The Secretary reference was lost on Bunny, but she agreed that sex wasn’t on her agenda for that day either. We had a lovely brunch, watched a movie, and were on our best behavior. Then, the kiss happened. Something very special happened when our lips met. She kissed me, like I wished all women kissed. It was as if I found something I had always been looking for. The tone of the afternoon changed from that point forward. 

After watching a 2nd movie, we decided we’d retire to the bedroom for some cuddling and possibly a nap. Ten minutes of making out later, the clothes started coming off. I did my best to stand by my word. I succumbed to the temptation of tasting her arousal, and when she offered to return the favor I consented. At this point, I was fully expecting our oral exchange to be the balance of our sexual activities for the day. What better position could I be in than to have this beautiful, sexy, naked woman saying “please” for me to fuck her? Yes, absolutely she was going to wait, and it was going to be great. My plan was ruined when I watched her suck me from chubby flaccid to attention stiff. Her mouth felt amazing, but just as satisfying was watching how much pleasure she was having. 

I couldn’t stand another minute, I had to have her. 

I reached down, took a firm hold of her shoulders, and lifted her, visibly startled,  from her blissful place. As she was already on her hands and knees, it was a very natural transition to the position you see above. Being inside Bunny, as I have told her, is beyond this tangible world. It’s metaphysical. Intercourse is often touted as the ultimate pleasure of the flesh. But, making love to her is so much more than physical. It is a connection so strong, I feel we can use it to build a life together.

Welcome to our journey. I, am the Lion and I’m glad you’re here.